About Kwa.mama

Collecting crumbs and creating purpose on a daily basis, Kwa.Mama says “Stop crying and do something!”
Kwa.Mama Care Centre runs a free pre-school and after school facility for children of the township Shakashead. They have over 200 registered little ones in the morning and 80 plus older students after school. Their soup kitchen also feeds approximately 50 old and ill people.
To cope with this work load they invite unemployed residents from Shakashead to come and contribute working. It takes a team of 30 plus working Kwa.Mama Members to nurture and nourish the children, oldies, and ill folk. These working Members are rewarded with a token for every three hours of service. The tokens are redeemed in the token shop at the end of each week. The token shop is stocked with any and every crumb Kwa.Mama Volunteers are able to catch and collect. Members are not ever offered a wage, but they are all given a fair chance to share the blessings that come their way. Contribute and benefit. Simple.
Kwa.Mama is a registered Non-Profit Organization and depends on donations and volunteers. Although they do not offer anybody wages, they do need assistance to cover dry food, gas and many other necessary consumables.

A big project of Kwa.Mama is the pre school for children from 2 till 6 years old. As most of their working members are not literate, they would love to invite English speaking volunteers to come and spend time with them so they can expose the children and the working Members to English on a daily basis! Early education is the focus and they would like Volunteers to spend as much time as possible.
Kwa.Mama Care Centre is a place to nurture children, build relationships and cultivate bright grade one students!




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